CATA is structured as a non-governmental, non-profit, professional association, whose work is based on voluntary participation of its members and associates. CATA’s goals are development and protection of economic interest of the profession and promoting quality standards with continuous work on raising the level of agency translation. CATA enables implementation and harmonization of common interests and rights of translation agencies through their association and promotion of the translation industry in Croatia. We offer integral programs for promoting agency services to potential clients and raising awareness about the benefits of the services provided by members of CATA, with the protection of consumers’ interests. General goal of the Association is cooperation with related organizations and universities in Croatia and abroad, and representing and promoting the interests of CATA’s members in negotiations with European and internationa institutions and organizations. We believe that promoting quality standards in cooperation with the existing standardization bodies improves the level of certification in accordance with the existing standards. You can find more about the goals of CATA by following this link.